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 AVE N JEWISH CENTER December 31, 2022 -  7 Tevet

       Shabbos - VAYIGASH 

       The Flatbush Eruv has been checked and may be used 

       Friday Night – December 30, 2022

       Mincha                                              4:25 pm

       Candle Lighting                               4:19 pm


       Shabbos Morning

       Tzvi Ben Chaim Moshe Mermelshtayn A" H

       Mishnayot shiur                              8:30 am

       Shachris                                            8:55 am


       The Liba Miriam and Menashe Volf A"H Shabbos Children's group will take place

       between 10 am - 11am in a classroom. 


       Kiddush following Musaf in the social hall.

       This week's sponsor is: 

·         Mazal Tov to Sholom & Chella Zylberberg on the Bar Mitzva of their son Yoni. 

       Shabbos Afternoon

       Chaya Eisenbach A"H Ladies Tehilim   3:15 pm

       Avot Shiur                                                3:45 pm for Men and Women

       Mincha                                                      4:10 pm followed by Shalosh Seudos


       This week's sponsor's are:

 ·       Robyn & Eric Frohmann on Robyn's grandfather, David Bass yahrtzeit Eliyahu Dovid Ben HaRav Avraham Moshe A"H whose yahrzeit 5 Teves. 

·         Rachel Shtainberg on the yahrtzeit of her Father A"H Moishe ben Avrohom Yonah A"H whose yahrtzeit is January 7,  14 Teves. 

·         Robert Frost in memory and yahrtzeit of his father Moshe ben Shmuel Hakohen A"H whose yahrzeit is 7 Teves. 

·         Charles Urich in memory and yahrtzeit of his mother Nechama bat  Aharon A"H whose yahrzeit is 7 Teves.

       Saturday Night

       Maariv                                                       5:19 pm

       Motzei Shabbat                                        5:29 pm 

       Roza Bat Avraham A"H Horim V'Yeladim learning program this Motzei Shabbat at 6:45pm in the social hall. 

·        Sponsored by the Avenue N Jewish Center Toby Schreier Sisterhood and looking for a additional sponsors.

       Daily Minyanim schedule

       Sunday Shachris                                     8:00 am

       Monday (New Year's Day) Shachris      7:25 am

       Tuesday ASARA B’TEVET fast begins      6:07 am

       Tuesday ASARA B’TEVET Shachris        6:20 am

       Tuesday ASARA B’TEVET Mincha           4:20 pm

       Tuesday ASARA B’TEVET Maariv            5:10 pm Fast is over 5:27pm

       Wednesday and Friday Shachris           6:30 am

       Thursday Shachris                                  6:25 am

       Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday Mincha 4:30 pm

       We thank Yossie Fuchs for learning between Mincha & Maariv. 


       Please join the Parsha shiur this Sunday at 7:00 pm for men & women.

       Avot for the women Monday at 7:00 pm both on Zoom.

       Our Kollel for men will be on Tuesday with the Gemara shiur beginning at 8:00 pm both in person social hall and on Zoom. 

       Fresh Sushi, Kugel and Pizza!!

       Both Rabbi Shaya Glicksberg and Rabbi Yehuda Schwartzberg begin their shiurim

       at 8:10 pm. Our spirited learning is followed by Maariv at 9:05 pm for those who did not fast. 


·        We thank Rachel Shtainberg for sponsoring last week's Kollel on the yahrzeit of 

her Husband Noah ben Dovid A"H whose yahrzeit is December 27, 4 Teves. 


       The shiurim this coming week are sponsored by: 

·        Rachel Shtainberg on the yahrtzeit of her Father  Moishe ben Avraham Yonah A"H whose yahrtzeit is January 7,  14 Teves. 

·        Janie & Brian Burstin and Sister Mindy in memory of our grandfather, Jacob Weiss, Yaakov ben Berel A"H, 

our uncle Frank Weinreb, Ephraim ben Gershon A"H and our aunt, Rose Odzer, Ruchel bat Gershon A"H.



       Have a wonderful Shabbos and an easy and meaning fast,

       Doniel Eisenbach, Rabbi

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