AVE N JEWISH CENTER May 14, 2022 - 13 Iyar

       Shabbos - EMOR 


      The Flatbush Eruv has yet to be determined.

      Please call 718.377.4242 for an update. 


      Friday Night – May 13, 2022

      Mincha                   7:00pm

      Candle Lighting    7:46pm

      Night 28 of Omer


      Shabbos Morning

      Mishnayos shiur   8:30 am

      Shachris                8:55 am


      Shabbos Afternoon

      Chaya Eisenbach Ladies Tehilim 5:00 pm

      Avot Shiur             5:30 pm for Men and Women

      Mincha                   6:00 pm


      Saturday Night

      Maariv                    8:46 pm

      Shabbos is over    8:56 pm

      Night 29 of Omer


      Daily Minyanim Schedule

      Sunday Shachris 8:00 am followed by Chumash & Rashi

      Monday & Thursday Shachris 6:25 am

      Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday Shachris 6:30 am

      Sunday through Thursday Mincha 7:55 pm followed by Maariv

      We thank Yossie Fuchs for learning between Mincha & Maariv. 

Dear friends,

Esther and Alex Kenigsberg are sponsoring all the shiurim on the yahrzeit

of Esther's mother Ruchel bas Moshe A"H whose yahrzeit is 18 Iyar.  


Please join the Parsha shiur this Sunday at 7:00 pm for men & women.

Avot for the women Monday at 7:00 pm both on Zoom.

Our Kollel for men will be on Tuesday with Mordechai Alter teaching parsha at 7:30 pm

with the Gemara shiur beginning at 8:00 pm both in person social hall and on Zoom.

Fresh Kugel and Pizza!!

Both Rabbi Shaya Glicksberg and Rabbi Yehuda Schwartzberg begin their shiurim

at 8:10 pm. Our spirited learning is followed by Maariv at 9:05 pm.



Have a wonderful Shabbos

Doniel Eisenbach, Rabbi

Week of October 5th