AVE N JEWISH CENTER October 1, 2022 - 6 Tishrei

      Shabbos - VAYELECH 

      The Flatbush Eruv has been checked and may be used. 

      Friday Night – September 30, 2022

      Mincha                      6:30 pm

      Candle Lighting       6:21 pm


      Shabbos Morning

     Tzvi Ben Chaim Moshe Mermelshtayn A" H Mishnayot shiur

      will start at               8:30 am

      Shachris                    8:55 am 


      Shabbos groups this Shabbos between 10 am - 11am in the bais medrash.

      Kiddush following Musaf in honor of Jacob Weiss' Birthday


      Shabbos Afternoon


      Shabbat Shuva Drasha 5:30pm


 ·         Judy Greenfeld is sponsoring Shabbat Shuva Drasha for the

 yahrzeit of Aryeh ben Chaim A"H.

·         Harel family is sponsoring Shabbat Shuva Drasha

in memory of Carmit bat Aharon A"H 


      Mincha  6:20 pm followed by Shalosh Seudos

·      This week's sponsor is Eric & Robyn Frohmann on Eric's mother’s

yahrtzeit עײה פכאלא בת אברהם.   


      Saturday Night

      Maariv                        7:18 pm

      Shabbos is over       7:28 pm


      Daily Minyan schedule

      Sunday Selichot       7:45am, Sunday Shacharit 8:00am

      Sunday Mincha        6:25 pm followed by Maariv

      Monday Selichot      6:10am, Shachris 6:25 am

      Mincha                      6:25pm followed by Maariv

      We thank Yossie Fuchs for learning between Mincha & Maariv 


      EREV YOM KIPPUR Tuesday October 4, 2022

      Selichot                     6:15am, Shacharit 6:30am

      Mincha                      3:00pm

      Fast Begins              6:12pm

      Kol Nidrei                 6:20pm

      Candle Lighting       6:14pm


      YOM KIPPUR Wednesday October 5, 2022

      Shacharit                 8:00am

      Yizkor                      10:45am

      Mincha                     5:00pm

      Neila                         6:15PM

      Maariv                      7:02pm

      Fast Over                 7:12pm


      Thursday October 6, 2022

      Shachris                  6:25 am

      Mincha                     6:25pm

      We thank Yossie Fuchs for learning between Mincha & Maariv.

      Friday October 7, 2022

      Shacharit                 6:30am

      Mincha                     6:20pm

      Candle lighting       6:10pm 



      Have a wonderful Shabbos and an easy and meaningful fast!!

      Doniel Eisenbach, Rabbi

Week of October 5th