AVE N JEWISH CENTER November 26, 2022 -  2 Kislev

       Shabbos - TOLDOT


       The Flatbush Eruv has yet to be determined.

       Please call 718.377.4242 for an update.


       Friday Night – November 25 2022

       Mincha                                              4:20 pm

       Candle Lighting                               4:13 pm


       Shabbos Morning

       The Tzvi Ben Chaim Moshe Mermelshtayn A" H Mishnayot shiur                               

       will RESUME next week.


       Shachris                                            8:55 am


       The Liba Miriam and Menashe Volf A"H Shabbos Children's group

       will take place between 10 am - 11am in a classroom. 


       Kiddush following Musaf in the social hall.


       This week's sponsor is: 


·         Rose and Mayer Gershkovich on the yahrzeit of Mayer's

father Avraham ben Meyer A"H 2 Kislev  


       Shabbos Afternoon

       Chaya Eisenbach Ladies Tehilim and Avot Shiur will resume next week.                                        

       Mincha     4:15 pm followed by Shalosh Seudos Looking for a sponsor

       Saturday Night

       Maariv                                                 5:12 pm

       Motzei Shabbat                                  5:22 pm


      Daily Minyanim schedule

      Sunday Shachris                                8:00 am

      Monday and Thursday Shachris       6:25 am

      Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday      6:30 am

      Sunday through Thursday Mincha   4:20 pm for the next 4 weeks

      followed by Maariv. 

      We thank Yossie Fuchs for learning between Mincha & Maariv.


      Please join the Parsha shiur this Sunday at 7:00 pm for men & women.

      Avot for the women Monday at 7:00 pm both on Zoom.

      Our Kollel for men will be on Tuesday with the Gemara shiur beginning at 8:00 pm

      on Zoom for this week.

      Both Rabbi Shaya Glicksberg and Rabbi Yehuda Schwartzberg begin their shiurim

      at 8:10 pm Fresh Sushi, Kugel and Pizza!! in the Social Hall.

      Our spirited learning is followed by Maariv at 9:05 pm.

      The shiurim this coming week is sponsored by: 

·         Jay and Joyce Weitzman in memory of Jeffrey Weitzman 

      Please continue to say Tehilim for Tzivya Shulamit bat Chava 

      A true friend is one soul in two bodies.


      Have a wonderful Shabbos,

      Doniel Eisenbach, Rabbi