Shul Announcements

Week of October 5th

Week of November 15th, 2019 

Friday Night

4:25pm    Mincha

followed by Carlbach Kabbalos Shabbos -Chazan Yitzy Litvinchouk   

 Shabbos Morning                

       7:30 AM   Bais Medrash – Early Morning Shacharis Minyan

       8:15 AM   Mishnayot Shiur in the Main Shul by Rabbi Eisenbach

       8:45 AM   Main Shul Shacaris Minyan

       3:15 PM  Chayah Eisenbach Tehillim for Women in the Bais Medrash

       3:45 PM  Shiur in the Parsha by Rabbi Eisenbach

       4:20 PM   Mincha  

       5:18 PM  Maariv

       5:28 PM  Shabbos is over

 Kiddush Sponsor

  • Rabbi & Mrs. Yehuda Schwartzberg on their son’s Yaakov Bar Mitzvah.

Mazal Tov

Shalosh Seudos Looking for a Sponsor??


This Motzei Shabbos we will haveובנים  אבוֹת for the Entire Family Learning Program -prizes, nosh and more starting at 7:00pm sharp.


This Tuesday night Kollel Zichron Yechezkel Learning is from 7:30 to 9:15 PM followed by Maariv,

·         sponsored by Zachariya Honikman

in memory of Rabbi Shlomo ben Naftali Carlebach zt”l and

Rabbi Meir David ben Yechezkel Shragah Ha Kohen Kahane zt”l hy”d


The Flatbush Eruv has been checked and may be used

Have a great Shabbos

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Brooklyn, NY


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