Shul Announcements

Week of October 5th

Avenue N Jewish Center

March 28, 2020    3 Nissan 5780

Parshat Vayikra

Friday Night

6:57 pm Candle Lighting

The Flatbush Eruv has been checked and may be used.

8:07 PM  Shabbos is over


Dear Friends,

 There is so much, about our special Shul, that I miss.  One of the many aspects of Shabbos day that I find myself longing for is our mishnayot class, with all its soulful members, that takes place before Shabbos Shacharis begins. The spiritual energy of the give and take that the shiur generates sets the tone for our beautiful Avenue N davening.

Sadly our communal learning has been paused, but I have been learning, over the phone, mishnayot privately for short periods of time with whoever has been interested. So if you would like to learn a mishnah or two please call me 917 822 8643

 IY”H we will attempt a zoom shiur Sun 7 pm my access # is 322 615 0406. You will need to download the zoom app to be able to access shiur. Our topic is “Why are we still being punished for the sin of the Golden Calf”?  Fred Goldberg is available to assist at 917 225-9827.

To sell your chametz, go to and follow the instructions.


Refuah Shelama to Margo Goetz

Refuah Shelama to Moshe Grunwald - Moshe Ben Chaya


Have a wonderful Shabbos 

Praying for our collective well being,

Rabbi Eisenbach

718 339-7747

321 Avenue N

Brooklyn, NY


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